How we work

There is no idea so complex, that the optimal architectural solution cannot be developed. Our team of experienced React Engineers will bring your project a wealth of institutional knowledge about React, based on our real-world experience building a variety of applications, from MVP to complex enterprise-grade apps.


  • the most modern stack of technologies for Front-end and Backend
  • best practices based on our experience with many real production projects
  • production and CI/CD ready solutions
  • skilled Architects for React Native, React and Backend
  • professional feedback on an existing project
  • project implementation support from start to finish

Focus on Testing

The key feature about Node.js is the high quality of code. Which in turn means that it is stable, predictable and accomplishes its goal. Because Node.js can be and dynamically-typed language and strong typed language, the quality it kept at the required level by exercising the automated testing. Node.js ecosystem provides several state of the art automated testing frameworks. They have been polished and battle-tested for years by the most prominent developers in the community


Want to know more examples?


  • Adaptive/Responsive
  • JWT authorization
  • React/Redux flow
  • Flow/Typescript typings
  • ESLint/TSLint
  • Airbnb/Prettier codestyle
  • SASS/LESS support for css styles
  • Babel transpiling
  • SVG inline and animation support
  • Formik for forms and validation of complex input forms
  • JEST/Enzyme testing
  • Axios for HTTP/HTTPS requests to backend
  • Sentry as Bug/error reporting


  • Node.js/Express framework
  • Mongo/SQL/PostgreSQL (Sequelize)
  • Docker for integration tests for all DB logic
  • Mocha, Chai, Jest for unit/integration tests
  • Sentry as Bug/error reporting
  • Passport Auth (Facebook, Google, Twitter and etc)
  • ESLint code linter